Why SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was Scared Of DK When They First Met

DK had a reason for coming across so scary.

One of the memories SEVENTEEN laughed about when celebrating their seventh anniversary was Jeonghan‘s scary first impression of DK that had a funny reason behind it.

DK and Jeonghan.

As they discussed their first impressions of each other, Hoshi couldn’t forget meeting DK because he wasn’t sure of DK’s age. Hoshi said, “I really thought he was older than me.


That sparked Jeonghan’s memory of DK having “a scary expression on his face” when they first met.


Jeonghan remembered DK telling him, “‘I’m gonna scold you if you don’t get an mp3.’


DK couldn’t deny it, bursting into laughter from the sudden warning he’d given Jeonghan back then. He had an understandable reason for being so cautious.


DK had come across as so serious because he was trying to save both of them from getting scolded.

Because I’ll get scolded instead! I’ll get scolded if you didn’t get one. That’s why I told him that.

— DK


Jeonghan was so convinced by DK that he didn’t even go home without buying a music player.

So I went to the Apple Store and bought an mp3 that day I was so scared.

— Jeonghan


Despite the funny misunderstanding, they became as thick as thieves.

Check out the two laughing about the scary first impression here.