SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Carries An Item For Self-Defense, And It’s Not What You’d Expect

It even has more than one purpose.

Out of all SEVENTEEN‘s members, Jeonghan is among the ones who are especially quirky. He’s gained love for his habit of keeping emotional support items, like his toy sword or a few pieces of plastic utensils. Now Jeonghan has added another unusual item to his collection.

Jeonghan | Weverse

Not only does it help him emotionally, but Jeonghan revealed that the unexpected item was also his go-to method for defending himself if things ever go wrong.

| @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

During the idol’s GQ Korea interview, Jeonghan shared a few of the items he always carries around with him while on tour. He picked up a new one during his New Year’s trip to Japan.

Jeonghan pulled out a wooden hammer that “calms [him] down” whenever he holds it, just like his “chopsticks, spoon, or toy sword.” While he recalled a moment when he had to use a hammer to break a bottle to drink what was inside, it also had another purpose.

Being his funny self, Jeonghan couldn’t help revealing that it would come in handy whenever he encountered someone trying to harm him on a cold, dark street at night.

If I walk at night, I may run into some bad guys. I carry this for self-defense.

— Jeonghan

Listen to Jeonghan explain the many benefits of his wooden hammer that would indeed catch an attacker by surprise.