SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Reaction To Seungkwan Accidentally Ignoring Hoshi Is Everything

Everyone’s been in Hoshi’s shoes at least once 😆

Whenever all of the SEVENTEEN members are on stage, there’s so much to focus on that some moments can easily slip by. That didn’t stop eagle-eyed fans from spotting Jeonghan‘s hilarious reaction to Hoshi and Seungkwan.


Joshua was the first to speak for their “Ready to love” winning speech on M COUNTDOWN. Seungkwan then passed the microphone to whoever wanted it next. Though Hoshi reached out, Seungkwan spotted THE8 and passed it to him.

After THE8 finished, Hoshi was ready for his time to speak but didn’t get it. When Seungkwan got his hands on the microphone again, he instead passed it to the show’s MC. The whole time, one member watched Hoshi’s struggle.

Jeonghan burst into laughter from seeing Hoshi trying his best to get his hands on the microphone. Even Woozi couldn’t resist laughing while DK held in his laughter.

Hoshi would have the last laugh, though. He was able to poke fun at himself, taking matters into his own hands. Hoshi pretended to shout into the audience, making Woozi laugh harder and nudge his arm.

SEVENTEEN always finds ways to tease each other and bring laughter to every situation.

Hoshi and Jeonghan.

Watch Hoshi and Jeonghan cause laughter from Seungkwan.