SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Shares A Story Of When He Got “Fired”

Young Jeonghan was just excited to see HELLOVENUS.

In a recent live broadcast with SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, Jeonghan revealed a story of when he got “fired”.

| PLEDIS Entertainment

Turns out three months after he joined PLEDIS Entertainment, Jeonghan was selected as a backup dancer for HELLOVENUS‘s performance at SBS Gayo Daejeon.

Rather than getting excited about the opportunity … I couldn’t believe that I could see HELLOVENUS.


He recalls meeting the dance teacher Hyerim for the first time, and learning the choreography. Except he wasn’t that great at dancing.

So much so that Hyerim had asked him “how are you going to be a singer?” Nonetheless, Hyerim continued to cheer him on and help him, but he still got “fired” and kicked off the backup dancer team.


Jeonghan shared that it wasn’t Hyerim who kicked him off the team, so there were no hard feelings. It’s safe to say that Jeonghan’s dancing skills are immensely better now compared to before!