SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Surprises Fans In An Unexpected Way

Fans were shocked!

With the recent release of SEVENTEEN‘s Dream EP and the Japanese dome tour, SEVENTEEN have spent the past few weeks in Japan having the time of their lives! All members of SEVENTEEN have taken to social media and posted about how they are spending their free time in Japan, and fans love to see them having fun!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @pledis_17/Twitter

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan in particular recently updated fans on Twitter by posting photos at the SEVENTEEN Dream Pop-Up Exhibition in Shibuya.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @pledis_17/Twitter

After sharing these photos, fans on Twitter found it hilarious that the Carats around him were unaware of his presence!


While fans speculated Jeonghan was stealthy with his visit of the pop-up store, a Carat in attendance stated that fans knew and whispered about his appearance, but decided to keep calm and let him enjoy the experience like the rest of the people in attendance!


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