SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is Taking Over The World With This Trendy Phrase

We dare you to try saying this 5 times fast.

Everything began with one fateful online broadcast on November 26, 2021. SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and Seungkwan decided to broadcast themselves having a meal together, and while doing so, Jeonghan invented the now-infamous phrase “shingi banggi bboong bboong banggi” and asked CARATs to make it popular.


After such a request from Jeonghan, CARATs had no choice but to grant his wishes, and the phrase began popping up in other idols’ broadcasts and spreading like wildfire. The words reached the live chats of groups like MONSTA X.

Yves of LOONA also mentioned the iconic phrase.

Even 3 members of labelmates NU’EST wound up uttering the phrase!

Of course, the trend hasn’t faded from the K-Pop scene just yet. ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo also recently learned that it was Jeonghan’s handiwork.

Both Nayeon and Jeongyeon of TWICE have fallen prey to the trend as well, though only Jeongyeon seems to know about its origins.

Most recently, Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) found herself uttering the nonsense verbiage in her birthday broadcast.

The idols mentioned in this article are far from the only ones to succumb to this trend. Clearly “shingi banggi bboong bboong banggi” isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The only question is to whom it will spread next.