SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was Caught Being A Total Fanboy For TWICE On Live TV

Jeonghan didn’t know the camera was on him.

Between SEVENTEEN dancing to TWICE‘s “Alcohol-Free” and Seungkwan and Momo having a funny misunderstanding, the groups have proven they’re fans of each other.


But when Jeonghan was caught on live TV being a total TWICE fanboy, it became a funny moment for the group and fans.


When TWICE won a music show with their song “TT” and couldn’t be there to accept the award, the hit song played as the other artists on stage jammed to it. Because SEVENTEEN were on the side of the stage, Jeonghan happily did the dance like no one was watching. Except, they were.

Right after Jeonghan finished dancing, Mingyu burst into laughter while pointing out the camera recording them for live TV. Jeonghan’s shocked expression showed just how caught off guard he was.

Leave it up to Jeonghan to create such a funny moment just from being caught dancing a bit of TWICE.