SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Wise Advice About Living Life Without Any Regrets

No wonder Joshua is so positive.

Whether you’re an idol or an ordinary person, it’s common for people to have regrets about the mistakes they’ve made. Idols like SEVENTEEN even face the added pressure of performing perfectly to avoid mistakes.


Joshua doesn’t let those things phase him and shared why he doesn’t live with any regrets in life.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

DIVE Studio‘s Mindset asked the idol if there were any moments he regretted or wanted to do over in life. Joshua denied that he had any and revealed why.

If Joshua repeated those moments to fix them, it would change everything about him. Joshua explained, “I don’t have choices that I regret, that I’d like to go back on, because I’ve become the person I am today because of them.

If Joshua didn’t make those mistakes and learned from them, he wouldn’t be the calm and positive person he is now.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

Listen to his wise words about living life without the baggage of regret.


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