SEVENTEEN’s Joshua And Hoshi Are Both In Love With DK Because Why Wouldn’t They Be

DK is everyone’s favorite, duh.

In a recent interview with Dingo, SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and Hoshi were put on the spot to pick their visual favorites; and they both answered DK, which now has all Carats relating hard! The interviewer found Joshua, Hoshi, and DK hanging out by themselves and approached them with a surprise question.


First, Joshua had to pick whom he thought was cuter between Hoshi and DK…


… and he answered DK!


Then Hoshi had to pick whom he thought was more handsome between Joshua and DK…


… and he picked DK too!


Flattered, DK flashed his best aegyo at the camera. It became quite obvious to Carats why Hoshi and Joshua both picked DK as their visual favorite!


DK is extra cute…


… and extra-extra handsome!


Watch the full clip here: