The Skincare Hack SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Hides Under His Mask Left Vernon Shook

“…people don’t know that it’s on there.”

Because SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua puts extra effort into caring for his skin, he came up with a perfect hack to do so in plain sight.

Mingyu and Joshua.

With masks now being common, Joshua used them in such a clever way to sneak in some last-minute skincare that even Vernon was shook.

| @joshu_acoustic/Instagram

As the two idols shared some of their favorite items with Vogue Korea, Joshua mentioned soothing pads that go “on the cheeks” and fit perfectly under a mask. He noted that “people don’t know that it’s on there” but shared a funny incident that led to the hack.

Before Joshua started using the pads under his mask, he’d once put an entire face mask on underneath his mask. Vernon was hilariously shocked by the idea of using two masks at the same time, imagining how strange it must’ve looked to anyone passing by.

Since Joshua was only going from the elevator to the car, he thought no one would see him. Joshua then said, “Someone walked in and looked at me weirdly.

Because of that, Joshua discovered the smaller soothing pads and was never found out again. Vernon was impressed as Joshua confirmed, “But after I started using these, people don’t know when I’m wearing a mask.

Although it took a bit of trial and error, Joshua came up with a clever way to do a bit of skincare on the go. Next time you see him in a mask, he might be trying it out without anyone knowing.

Check out Joshua’s skincare hack that left Vernon hilariously impressed.