SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Sexy Visuals Shock Fans In First Ever Solo Pictorial

He looks unreal.

Fashion magazine “1ST LOOK” released Joshua of SEVENTEEN‘s first ever solo pictorial, and fans are going crazy for his sexy visuals.

Joshua’s known for his sweet and kind personality, so seeing this masculine side of him is a change for fans. His duality is unreal as he changes from youthful, soft charms to steamy charisma!

Receiving attention for his manly looks online, he showed his versatility in many different chic and sexy looks, such as classic shirts and black and white photos.

Trending online with the release of only one picture, he is garnering attention not only from fans for shining solo with his masculine vibes.

Fans were not only impressed from his visuals, but also his professionalism that was noted throughout the shoot, where he “seriously monitored when shooting, showing various poses and eye acting according to the concept, showing a professional appearance.”

All in all, we are excited for his charisma to shine in this pictorial, released today!




Source: Naver