SEVENTEEN’s Jun Reveals His Favorite Memory From Their World Tour

Performing in so many cities has an unexpected perk.

Since SEVENTEEN completed many stops for their ODE TO YOU world tour before the pandemic forced them to cancel the remaining dates, Jun revealed which of the precious moments from it he valued most.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

During the group’s interview with W Magazine, the outlet asked for their favorite memory from touring.

Rather than a moment that happened on stage, Jun enjoyed the perks of traveling. He said, “We went to a lot of amusement parks in many different cities.

Jun expressed how it was a source of many unforgettable moments. He added, “So I think I made a lot of memories at those amusement parks.

To prove his point, Jun attempted to spark one of the memories with THE8. Jun asked him about one of the rides they experienced together, “THE8, we went on that ride together…the one that goes ‘Zoom.’

Although Jun caused Hoshi and Dino to imitate his hand movement for the ride, THE8 didn’t have a clue. THE8 responded, “I don’t know what the ‘Zoom’ ride is either.” Not even Jun could make him remember by revealing Seungkwan had been with them as well.

Even if it takes a little more effort for his members to remember their precious moments, all that matters is Jun will always treasure them.

THE8 pinching Jun’s cheeks. | @theinnocence_J/Twitter

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