SEVENTEEN Jun’s Lookalike Is Too Wholesome

“Jun, is that you?”

While SEVENTEEN found Jun‘s idol lookalike in ENHYPEN‘s Jay when they appeared on I-LAND, fans recently found another that was just as wholesome.

Jun | @pledis_17/Twitter

From his eyes right down to the moles on Jun’s face, Carats found a lookalike that did him justice in the cutest way.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Earning thousands of likes in support of the resemblance, a fan shared a photo of a fluffy cat with lovely big eyes and two black moles on its cheeks.

Everyone instantly melted at seeing the adorable cat and loved the unique features that made them so alike. The fan even shared more photos of the cat for everyone to enjoy.

| @lcvehoshi/Twitter

If you ever wondered what Jun would look like as a cat, everyone now has that answer.

| @pledis_17/Twitter