SEVENTEEN’s Jun Shuts Down The Idea Of Being “Too Old” To Debut As A K-Pop Idol

Even he admitted to starting his idol career later than others.

Despite the debates about whether or not there’s an age limit for K-Pop idols to debut, SEVENTEEN‘s Jun shut it all down when addressing a fan who claimed they were “too old” to do so.

Jun | Weibo

As a Carat began their journey to debut, they asked Jun for advice on how to stay positive.

I’m a little old, but I made up my mind to become an idol. Please tell me how to deal with my anxious mind, and say cheerful words to me.

— Fan

The first thing Jun did was address the negative view the fan had about their age. He expressed his admiration for them, “About your age, don’t be scared. I rather think that you are cool.

It took strength to pursue a dream later than others. Jun respected that. He continued, “I mean, think about how cool you are. Everyone around you is younger, but you started late.

Jun could relate to the fan because he also started his journey later than others. He talked about spending his early life working in Chinese entertainment and switching to being an idol trainee during high school. Jun said, “I started late too, actually.

Like his NCT friends’ advice on the same topic, Jun knows that age isn’t the most crucial factor when following your dream to debut.


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