SEVENTEEN’s Jun Once Revealed A Sleeping Habit Of His That Scared His Members

“If members walked passed me, they got scared.”

When SEVENTEEN‘s talented members THE8 and Jun participated in the show Chao Yin Zhan Ji, Jun revealed his interesting sleeping habit that startled fellow contestant, Chinese-American singer Victor Ma.

Chao Yin Zhan Ji is an idol partnership reality show where stars team up and compete against one another. In one particular episode, THE8 was practicing for his performance when he noticed Jun had fallen fast asleep behind him.

When Victor entered the room, he was taken aback to see Jun sleeping with his eyes open!

Unsure of whether Jun was actually sleeping or not, Victor hilariously stared at him for a while. Victor finally managed the courage to poke Jun to which Jun woke up immediately. Victor asked “You alright?” and Jun reassured him, “I’m sleeping.”

Victor commented that “Scared me” and Jun explained, “I sleep with my eyes open.” Still shocked, Victor shared, “You sleep with your eyes open? Our eyes met for so long just now.

To THE8, Jun’s ability to sleep with his eyes open was no surprise as he did not even comment on it when he noticed it. Instead of showing a stunned reaction, THE8 continued to practice his song as if he had seen it 100 times, which as members, he probably has. Jun even confirmed THE8 was used to his sleeping habit: “He (THE8) knows.”

Jun also revealed that he has scared his SEVENTEEN members in the past.

Last time when I was in the dorm, I sat on the sofa outside and fell asleep. After I fell asleep, if the members walked passed me, they got scared.”

— Jun

Victor validated the members of SEVENTEEN and claimed, “It’s so scary.”

Check out the video below: