SEVENTEEN’s Jun Reveals The One Song They Never Get Tired Of Performing

Even if they’re physically exhausted, they still have the energy for it.

No matter what concept SEVENTEEN takes on, fans can always count on amazing choreography. Despite how difficult those smooth moves can be, Jun picked the one song the group can never turn down performing—regardless of how exhausted they are.

During their interview with Refinery29, the outlet asked, “What song do you never get tired of performing?Mingyu instantly chimed in, “Any choreography will make you tired if you dance it forever.” There was one song Jun had in mind, though.

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Jun picked the energetic and catchy track that even non-fans know: “Choreography that I never get tired of performing would be ‘VERY NICE’.” The rest of the members agreed with their chorus of, “Oh!

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The song didn’t become the top pick because of its fame. “Those who have been to our concerts would understand.

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It’s the perfect way to end their concerts on a high note, with everyone gaining a new blast of energy. “No matter how tired we are toward the end of the show, we always dance to ‘VERY NICE’ with our Carats.

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Even though the track was released back in 2016, there’s no other song that would make the SEVENTEEN experience complete.

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