SEVENTEEN Are The Kings Of Being In Sync, But Here’s The One Performance They Weren’t

In a way, they were in sync at not being in sync.

SEVENTEEN are known for how well the thirteen of them can move as one person. But, they were a little off their game during their performance at KCON LA.

At the start of the performance, Woozi accidentally bumped into Mingyu when he tried to cross over to the other side.

Then, S.Coups and Jeonghan‘s high-five just didn’t seem to be in the cards for them. They not only missed each others’ hands but the timing as well.

When they’d all clapped their hands together, there was an empty spot where someone should’ve been standing. Then, D.K moved into it and clapped his hands together with a smile. (He’d been tying his shoelace.)

At the end, they were ready to give their greeting that was just as chaotic as the performance. For their signature hand gesture, they’d instead thrown their hands up any way they’d thought of. Then, Joshua and Jeonghan got up from the bow earlier than everyone else and exchanged looks.

SEVENTEEN have proven that they can be in sync even when they’re not trying. But, the fact that they’ve made these mistakes shows that they’re human just like everyone else. Watch the funny mishaps here.