SEVENTEEN’s Light Stick Customized With Swarovski Crystals Is Absolutely Stunning

The same company customized SEVENTEEN’s microphones.

When it comes to K-Pop light sticks, fans get creative by showing their personal style and adding unique touches. For one particular SEVENTEEN light stick, the Korean company Glowe went all out to decorate one by hand with gorgeous Swarovski crystals.

Joshua | @pledis_17/Twitter

Showcasing the customized item on their Instagram page, they showed the base of the Carat bong decorated with beautiful pink crystals that were all placed by hand. There was something special on the other side as well.

| @crystal.glowe/Instagram

The light stick had Joshua’s name in white crystals and outlined by dark pink crystals for a stunning contrast between them. The company is so well-known that they’ve actually decorated items for K-Pop idols—including SEVENTEEN.

| @crystal.glowe/Instagram

Back in 2020, Glowe customized fancy pink microphones for the five members of SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team.

SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team microphones. | @crystal.glowe/Instagram

The members were even seen with the microphones in behind-the-scenes photos from a recent concert. Whether it’s microphones or light sticks, SEVENTEEN and Carats both have amazing taste.

SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team. | @pledis_17/Twitter