SEVENTEEN Can’t Get Over The Member Whose Visuals Haven’t Aged A Day Since Their Debut

S.Coups, Seungkwan, and Dino all agreed.

All the SEVENTEEN members have handsome visuals that would turn anyone’s head. Still, even they had to admit there was someone with such youthful visuals that it looked like he hadn’t aged a day since their debut.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

As Hoshi pointed out, “so much time has passed” since they started their journey together, Seungkwan had a thought. He asked, “You’re twenty-seven?

Hoshi shocked them by confirming that he was. Dino refused to accept it, “I can’t believe that! Hoshi is still like a high school student to me!” Seungkwan agreed, “You’re still in high school to me too!

Even leader S.Coups had to step in and say that Hoshi’s visuals were timeless. S.Coups said, “You look just like when you were a trainee in that snapback.

Hoshi revealed that it wasn’t just his visuals that remained the same. Although he’s gained knowledge over the years, he still feels like his younger self. They all could relate to the feeling.

I only age in number. I think that too. Because my mind is the same as then.

— Hoshi

They were spot-on about Hoshi’s visuals, especially when looking at Hoshi from 2015.

Hoshi in 2015.

Besides a slimmer face and more defined makeup, Hoshi looks the same over five years later.

Hoshi in 2022. | Weverse

See them talk about Hoshi’s unchanging visuals here.


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