SEVENTEEN Members Know More About Each Other Than They Know About Themselves

What a team.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Korea, SEVENTEEN members S.Coups, Jeonghan, Mingyu, Vernon, and Joshua played a game of “Guess The Answer”, in which the members tried to guess the correct answer to a question asked about each of the members.


The first question quizzed the members on what Mingyu might do as soon as he wakes up in the morning.


Members immediately answered that he often sleeps through his alarms…

S.Coups: Hitting the alarm.
Joshua: Failing to hit it correctly.
Vernon: Or ignoring the alarm and sleeping through it. Just not getting up at all.


… and Mingyu admitted the members were very much on point.

I believe they are correct…!

— Mingyu


For Jeonghan, the question had members guessing which animal he would most likely think of himself being…


… and while the members had a collection of animals for Jeonghan – all of which did have some uncanny resemblance with Jeonghan’s visual and personal traits,

Mingyu: A fox. A fennec fox.
S.Coups: A lizard!
Joshua: A turtle?


he thought otherwise. Note how the members couldn’t quite relate to Jeonghan’s answer though!

I’m a bunny, I think.

— Jeonghan


The next question had the members guess what they think S.Coups does every time he sees himself in the mirror.


Mingyu and Jeonghan playfully let out a long sigh…


… to which S.Coups objected!

S.Coups: Why are you sighing! Why would I sigh?
Jeonghan: I mean, it could be a good sigh. Like ‘sigh, I’m so handsome’ sigh.


S.Coups corrected the members and clarified that he usually checks if his face is puffy or not.


For Joshua, members had to guess what he does when he’s in a good mood. Members found this one easy to answer…


… and pointed out all the things that Joshua does when he’s feeling good!

Mingyu: He goes ‘yooooo’.
Jeonghan: He smiles really big.
Vernon: And he gets really cheeky. He plays a lot of pranks.


Joshua agreed and said, “I do think I laugh a lot and joke around a lot, when I’m in a good mood. I also talk a lot too.”


Lastly, the members guessed what Vernon might have been doing had he not chosen to train as a K-Pop idol and debut with SEVENTEEN.


While it was hard for the members to think of Vernon outside the group, not as the buffalo they know him to be, they tried to guess what they thought was most likely…

Jeonghan: An English teacher!
S.Coups: He would’ve been lost.
Joshua: Yeah, I don’t think he would’ve had it figured out yet.
Mingyu: A model?


… and Vernon agreed to Joshua’s answer.

Yeah, I think Joshua’s right. I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself.

— Vernon


Carats had a blast watching how years of teamwork have turn these members into something even closer than family. They’ve gotten to know so much about each other, to the point that they sometimes know better than the person himself. And it is this unbreakable brotherhood that keeps SEVENTEEN so tight-knit, so strong – and so perfectly in-sync as one!


Watch the full clip here: