SEVENTEEN Members Spill On Who They Thought Wouldn’t Make It To The Group

They worked hard to be where they are now!

During a recent “LieV” broadcast with SEVENTEEN, the members were asked if they were any stories when they were most tenacious and determined.

To answer the question, some members opened up about their experiences and thoughts back when they were trainees, and spilled on who they thought wouldn’t make the cut to be part of SEVENTEEN.

mentioned that he previously thought Wonwoo wouldn’t make it to debut, while Wonwoo shared that he thought DK would fall short.

Wonwoo mentioned that “Some bright-minded guys join (the training at the agency), they get depressed suddenly. They feel the gap. Then, they quit easily.”

Seventeen leader S.coups and vocal unit leader Woozi spilled that Jeonghan had a difficult time as a trainee since his first day and thought that he wouldn’t be able to make the cut because of it.

However, Hoshi shared that although Jeonghan had a tough time during their trainee days, he never once skipped a choreography class and worked really hard to improve.

Main vocal DK admitted that he thought about quitting, mentioning that it was difficult for him during the first two to three weeks of training, however Seungkwan kept him motivated.

Maknae Dino opened up about not making the first round of auditions to be part of SEVENTEEN, however upon hearing that the entertainment will be holding a second batch of auditions, he gave his all to improve his skills and eventually made the cut to be included as part of SEVENTEEN.

After constantly working hard for their dreams, SEVENTEEN finally debuted with 13 members in 2015, even including those who they thought wouldn’t make the cut.

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