Here’s The Reason Why SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Avoided Kissing S.COUPS

Spain without the S, COUPS without the S.

When these series of sticker booth photos were released, CARATs went wild! It featured SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, S.COUPS, and Seungkwan tipsily posing for the camera.

| @guojeu/Twitter

Fans jokingly dubbed these photos “the kissing booth!” Other members Vernon, Wonwoo, and Jeonghan also got in on the action.

| @guojeu/Twitter

DK couldn’t be left out of the love! These photos were taken after SEVENTEEN had wrapped filming for Dingo Music‘s Tipsy Live. Clearly they were more than a few shots in.

| @guojeu/Twitter

During a recent interview with ELLE magazine, Mingyu explained the behind story of the photos. As expected, they were all very tipsy when it happened. He felt super happy and loved up when the photos were taken.

On this day, we finished filming for a broadcast and we were all so happy and the vibes were great so we went for a second round (of drinks). On the way there, we took photos at a sticker booth shop and how I felt right then was that the members were all so lovely, that I was so happy, that we were one, and that I was so thankful for SEVENTEEN. The photos were taken when those feelings were at a peak.

— Mingyu

Mingyu revealed how adorable Seungkwan was at the moment. Well-deserved kiss, we must say!

On the other hand, Mingyu also explained why he had avoided S.COUP’s kiss as if he was on fire.

S.COUPS simply smelled too much of soju! Unsurprising, given how many shots the members downed during Tipsy Live.

Despite the rejection of the kiss, we’re sure Mingyu still adores and loves his S.COUPS hyung! He’s too lovable for that. Catch the full interview below.