SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Dad Joke Is Literally The Joke To End All Jokes

No one was impressed, not one single member.

SEVENTEEN split into two teams for a funny debate full of nonsense and, sometimes, logical arguments for Going SEVENTEEN. Mingyu‘s team argued why having a third eye would be more beneficial than having a third hand.


Jeonghan tried to make Mingyu’s team see the error of their ways for choosing to put the extra eye inside their bodies to view internal organs. If placed on either the stomach or liver, those would be the only specific things the eye would see.

If it’s on your liver, you can only look at your liver.

Mingyu wasn’t worried by Jeonghan’s logical argument at all. By then, he was ready for the debate to end and broke out the pun he’d been waiting for:

Cry me a liver.

It was such a total dad joke that no one reacted, save for a brief pause in the debate. Since Mingyu had interrupted it, Woozi simply calmed him down with, “Don’t get too excited.”

Mingyu’s dad joke was so off the mark that it made everyone focus on the debate rather than laugh at it. Listen to the joke even Mingyu didn’t react to.