SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Once Forgot His Luggage Passcode And You Won’t Believe What He Did To Get It Open

This moment will forever be iconic

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is one smart guy, however, just like everyone else, he has his clumsy moments. One clumsy moment Carats will always remember is the time Mingyu forgot the passcode to his luggage.

For the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs), SEVENTEEN arrived at a hotel in Hong Kong and showed off their luggage to the viewers.

When Mingyu presented his luggage to the camera, the members were impressed to see Mingyu’s luggage had a fancy passcode lock. Despite the luggage lock being a beneficial factor, it quickly turned into Mingyu’s worse nightmare.

As he tried to open his luggage, Mingyu stated, “Wait, it won’t open.” S.Coup‘s trying to help him in the back shared, “He forgot the numbers.

Mingyu tried to defend himself and explain that his passcode is usually 406 for his birthday, but for whatever reason, the numbers didn’t work.

The hilarious part was that Woozi‘s belongings were in Mingyu’s luggage as well as they packed together!

As time went on, Mingyu still hadn’t figured out his passcode. The members informed him to try 3 number combinations from 000 to 999. The unbelievable thing is that Mingyu actually tried it.

As Mingyu endlessly tried to find the correct numbers, Woozi expressed his frustration as he watched Mingyu struggle.

After several combinations, Mingyu was finally able to open his and Woozi’s luggage. The celebration was hilarious!

Check out the funny moment below:


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