SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gives Off Total Boyfriend Vibes In His Latest Vlog

He is full of charm!

The whole group of SEVENTEEN is full of charm, talent, sweet personalities, and of course, gorgeous visuals! With all those amazing traits, they are all perfect boyfriend material! Mingyu proved his boyfriend material in his recently uploaded vlog!

In his vlog, Mingyu was seen in several cozy hoodies! If anything screams boyfriend material it’s some nice warm hoodies.

Of course, Mingyu would definitely give up his hoodie for you whenever you’re cold.

Mingyu then surprised everyone with his bare face as he got ready for bed. His naturally handsome visuals are sure to make anyone’s heart skip a beat!

Once awakened in the morning, Mingyu hid in his warm blankets. Is there anything cuter?

Mingyu also showed off his messy bed head. Despite the fact that his hair is a bit messy, we can all agree he still looks amazing!

Next, a chill lunch date with Mingyu consists of some yummy food and entertaining shows!

As many know, Mingyu is full of diverse talent and drawing is one of them! Mingyu drinking coffee and showing off his artistic side has all our hearts warmed up! What is he drawing? Oh, probably you!

Mingyu then went on and lived up to his nickname “handyman” and decorated his walls beautifully! Everyone likes a boyfriend who can do literally everything!

No to mention the photographs he hanged up were all done by himself!

Mingyu is also super caring, but you already knew that! Once he finalized his wall art, Mingyu exclaimed, “Wonwoo, don’t your eyes hurt?” He takes good care of you and his friends.

Check out Mingyu’s vlog below:


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