SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Is The Ultimate Gentleman For Lending Staff A Helping Hand

He went out of his way to help the awards show staff.

Whether it’s his members or a stranger who needs a bit of help, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu proved he’s the perfect gentleman who’s always ready to step in.


When the thirteen members were backstage at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards, they snapped photos to celebrate their wins. In order to make sure the space was properly prepared, the staff was hard at work.

A female staff member had to move a heavy acrylic stand back and forth. When Mingyu saw how much effort it took, he couldn’t let her do it all alone.

Being the perfect gentleman, Mingyu didn’t hesitate to grab onto one side of the stand and help the female staff member move it out of the way. Seeing how quickly and easily Mingyu helped warmed Carats’ hearts.

Even if it only eased a bit of the staff member’s workload, Mingyu truly is a sweetheart for going out of his way to help.