SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Hoshi Cause Complete Chaos With Their Noraebang Score

“They are insane.”

On the recent episode of Going SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN had to escape the noraebang, or singing room. In order to do that, they had to score the perfect score.


Since they didn’t have the booklet to choose their songs, they were having fun singing older ones they weren’t familiar with. That’s when Hoshi and Mingyu received the perfect score to escape: 100.

Before Hoshi could finish singing the song, he was shocked at the sight of their score and collapsed to the ground. He was far from the only person shocked by it.

Vernon snatched his hat off and walked around the room with his mouth wide open in surprise. Seungkwan and DK were jumping around in excitement.

Dino, S.Coups, Jun, and Joshua were just as shocked as their jaws dropped to the ground.

Watch them lose their cool over Mingyu and Hoshi’s perfect score and check out the performance that set the bar for everyone.