SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Can Even Make Opening A Beer Bottle Look Sexy

The wink sealed the deal for fans.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is known for his handsome visuals but gained attention for making something as simple as opening a beer bottle look effortlessly sexy.


While having a drink together, one of the members had trouble opening a beer bottle. That wasn’t a problem for Mingyu, who quickly took it and held it beside a water bottle.


Cleverly holding the water bottle upside down, Mingyu used it to pop off the top of the beer bottle.


Mingyu did it so smoothly that he couldn’t help winking, knowing just how cool he looked. Fans were just as impressed.


The clip went viral, with Carats commenting on how sexy Mingyu made the simple act look and how clever the trick was. Leave it up to Mingyu to be sexy without even trying.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram
Source: Twitter


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