SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Hilariously “Scolds” Wonwoo For Revealing Too Many Spoilers About Their Single “Bittersweet”

Wonwoo must’ve been too excited for their single!

At midnight on May 20th KST, SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo and Mingyu announced their new digital single “Bittersweet” that will feature talented singer Lee Hi!

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Prior to their announcement, Wonwoo took to Weverse and shared some spoilers! Since their upcoming single is entitled “Bittersweet,” Wonwoo posted several combinations of things that are both bitter and sweet. The first spoiler Wonwoo revealed was, “Americano with chocolate? what do you think?”

| Weverse

From there on, the spoilers of bittersweet combinations just kept on going until Mingyu hilariously advised him to stop.

| Weverse

Wonwoo: Americano with chocolate? what do you think about it?

Wonwoo: Then what about red ginseng candy?

Wonwoo: Sugar in bitter ginseng tea? I should stop.

Mingyu: please stop now — —

Following Wonwoo’s clever spoilers, Mingyu playfully scolded Wonwoo for sharing so many spoilers! Regardless, Carats loved this interaction after the announcement of their single.

| Weverse

Mingyu: You gave too many spoilers Jeon Wonwoo

Wonwoo: I won’t do it anymore. ^^

It seems like Wonwoo and Mingyu can’t contain their excitement! Are you excited for their upcoming single “Bittersweet” as well?


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