SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reveals How S.Coups Made A First Impression He’ll Never Forget

It wasn’t his personality that made a memorable impression.

The talented members of SEVENTEEN recently sat down for a fun interview on The Zach Sang Show where they dished on their new music as well as looked back on some old memories!


Following some discussion on their album Your Choice, the show’s host Zach Sang mentioned the member’s long friendships with one another. Since the group has trained together for several years, Zach Sang asked, “Do you remember the first time ya’ll met?

For the member’s maknae, Dino replied, “We definitely remember. It was all really memorable.” Dino also revealed Hoshi is the member that made the most memorable first impression on him.

For me the most memorable was Hoshi. Hoshi was really the most memorable. It was our first time meeting, it was supposed to be really awkward, but he immediately put his arm around my shoulder and acted as if I was his close younger brother.

— Dino

Despite being shocked by Hoshi’s unexpected behavior, Dino shared he felt Hoshi merely had a friendly personality.

I was like, ‘Wow, he has a really nice personality—he’s so friendly.

— Dino

Mingyu also shared the member who made a big impression on him and it’s none other than the group’s leader S.Coups. Unlike Dino with Hoshi, it wasn’t S.Coups’ personality that was memorable, but his outfit!

For me, S.Coups. It was ten years ago, and he had his cap on backwards with baggy pants. With a big fit T-Shirt, he came out to greet me and I still can’t forget that look.

— Mingyu

DK seemed to remember the unique outfit as well as he remembered the pants were, “Tiger-stripped baggy pants!” To add to it all, Seungkwan shared used his English speaking skills and made the hilarious comment, “Terrible fashion.” Of course, the members couldn’t help but laugh at Seungkwan’s slight dig.

Check out the interview below: