SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Tried To Deny His Love For Hoshi, Here’s What The Lie Detector Revealed

There wasn’t much he could hide from the lie test.

SEVENTEEN members all love and adore Hoshi, especially for his hamster-like cuteness, but Mingyu is the one who’s most deeply obsessed.


These two have been called all kinds of nicknames, including “Power Couple”, that show how strong their relationship is. And Mingyu isn’t ashamed to show his admiration with Hoshi, as he can easily be spotted wrapping himself around Hoshi…


… and even pecking him on the cheek like it’s no big deal.


But there was a time when Mingyu tried to deny the fact that he is in love with Hoshi. When Mingyu stepped up to try out the lie detector game, Hoshi found it a chance to test Mingyu’s true feelings. Hoshi asked Mingyu to verify the statement, “I like Hoshi.”


And Mingyu coldly answered, “No.”


Then Mingyu held up the lie detector, awaiting the truth to be unveiled…


… only to be zapped hard for lying straight to Hoshi’s face and breaking his heart! Even the lie detector knew that Mingyu’s undying love for Hoshi is real!


Carats adore this Mingyu X Hoshi brotherhood because, though they’re cheeky and playfully deny that they aren’t in love with each other, there is so much bond between the two and it’s definitely one of the things that hold SEVENTEEN together for so long!

Source: THEQOO