SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Will Always Be The One To Hold Jeonghan’s Hand When He Needs

Because real men hold hands.

Carats have come to notice that SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan have sensitive hands and they are weak to the cold. Jeonghan is often seen clenching his fists and blowing on his hands to keep them warm…


… but he also knows there is a much better way to get his hands heated up fast. And that’s by sharing the human body warmth — grabbing on to his teammate Mingyu.


During a previous live broadcast, Jeonghan was spotted casually placing his hands on Mingyu’s legs. Mingyu first playfully told Jeonghan to keep his hands to himself…

Stop touching!

— Mingyu


… but as soon as Jeonghan explained his hands are cold, Mingyu turned into Jeonghan’s one and only heat protector. Mingyu didn’t hesitate a single second before taking Jeonghan’s icy hand into his…

Jeonghan: But my hands are cold…
Mingyu: … I’ll hold them.


… and holding on to it as he went back to talking. Both Jeonghan and Mingyu looked quite comfortable with their hand in hand — and it drove Carats wild crazy.


As adorable as this is, it definitely isn’t the first time Jeonghan used Mingyu as a hand warmer. As early as 2017, Jeonghan has looked to Mingyu whenever his delicate hands needed to be held.


Here’s Jeonghan doing the same thing — first blowing on his hands, then placing them on Mingyu, and eventually making Mingyu hold them (0:38).


Carats cannot get enough of this “bromance” between Jeonghan and Mingyu — especially because Jeonghan and Mingyu have continuously talked about being polar opposites and “not right for each other”.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Jeonghan Are Extreme Opposites But Also BFFs


It is making Carats drop all their UWUs to see these two overcome their differences and accept each other in love. Fans hope Mingyu will continue to be there for Jeonghan to hold his hands and be a warm-handed brother!