SEVENTEEN Are Having Too Much Fun Supporting D.K’s Musical

They may be more excited than D.K himself.

SEVENTEEN‘s D.K has been slaying his musical debut in Xcalibur, along with the help of their kind Manager Jeon to keep him focused.

All of his group members have even made time to come to a performance, showing how much they support him. And, what some of them did to show their support has been pretty interesting.

Dino and Hoshi caught a performance together, and they had a special pose ready for when they left afterward with D.K. They followed behind him while pretending to hold swords at their sides, as if protecting him.

When Jun and The8 left with D.K after a performance, they took a less comedic approach. While following behind him, they simply clapped their hands. But they didn’t stop at just a few claps, they clapped all the way until they reached their car.

No matter what any of the members do, they’re all there to support each other because that’s what families do.