SEVENTEEN Once Revealed “Awkward Pairings” Between Them And NU’EST Members—NU’EST’s Response Was Hilarious

Both groups found this topic to be too much fun!

SEVENTEEN and NU’EST have often talked about their close relationship with one another; however, during a live broadcast, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and Dino shared some members of the two groups who they believe would be awkward pairings.

During their live broadcast, Seungkwan read a comment that requested for them to do a live with NU’EST members. Seungkwan responded that he actually had been wanting to make some content with them. Seungkwan also admitted that while the two are close, there are some members he thinks would be awkward with some of the NU’EST members.

Although we belong to the same agency with NU’EST, there’s a pair right, the awkward pair. That would be Dino and Minhyun.

— Seungkwan

Dino laughed and claimed he and Minhyun aren’t awkward with one another. Still on the topic, Seungkwan went on to name more awkward duos such as Vernon and Ren. Dino agreed with Seungkwan and even had a few duos in mind as well. Dino shared a new pairing he’d rarely seen together is JR and THE8. Hoshi joined in the back and laughed along with Seungkwan at Dino’s statement.

Dino clarified that it’s not because they are actually uncomfortable with one another, but because he hasn’t seen them together often.

I’m saying this because I’ve never seen them together. I don’t know if they really feel awkward when they are together. As I think of it now, it’s a very new pair.

— Dino

The three continued and also named the “Awkward pairs” Seungkwan with Baekho as well as Jun with Aron. Before they ended this topic, they explained that they think these unusual duos would be interesting content and hope the NU’EST does not misunderstand them: “I think it would be fun and unique. I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

The best part of it all was that NU’EST later responded to SEVENEEN’s live in their own live broadcasting!

While the other members have heard about SEVENTEEN’s live broadcast, Baekho was hearing it from his members for the first time. Curious, Baekho asked who he was paired with. When the members informed him he was paired with Seungkwan he was shocked: “Seungkwan thinks he’s awkward with me?

When Aron mentioned he and Jun’s pairing, he shared he proved to Seungkwan that he and Jun were close!

Earlier I saw Seungkwan upstairs. Me and Jun immediately grabbed each other’s shoulders and said, ‘We’re not awkward though!’ So Seungkwan was like, ‘Oh, wait!’ Let me take a picture.

— Aron

The members continued and shared the other pairings SEVENTEEN created and agreed on a lot of them. Like SEVENTEEN, the members of NU’EST clarified it’s not insulting, but very new and interesting! Hopefully, a collab can happen between the two amazing groups soon!

Source: Naver TV and Naver TV