SEVENTEEN Is Currently Under Quarantine So Here’s The Sweetest Way They Greeted Fans Instead

The first ever in idol history.

SEVENTEEN is currently under self-quarantine due to having come in contact with a staff member that had been a confirmed case of COVID19. Although none of them have tested positive so far, they are under quarantine as a preventive measure. What responsible idols!

However, when they heard that they had won first place at Music Bank, they made sure to say hi to the fans and give their thanks. For the first time ever in idol history, Zoom was used! Very apropos of them.

They even made sure to change the backgrounds and have some fun while they were at it.

Fans were similarly amused.

  • “So f*cking speechless but so f*cking cute.”
  • “This is sooooo funny.”
  • “COVID19 pandemic sure is letting us see lots of things.”
  • “This is hilarious. Isn’t this the first encore and speech on Zoom by an idol?”
  • “They proved their live skills.”

The boys even made sure to deliver an encore performance on Zoom. Check out the adorable interaction below.