SEVENTEEN Reveals Who The Biggest Flirt Of The Group Is

He does flirt with fans a lot!

SEVENTEEN members HoshiWooziJunMingyuSeungkwan, and VERNON, played a game of superlatives and answered some questions to give CARATs an opportunity to get to know the members better.

They were asked questions such as which member has the most aegyo, who the best dancer is, who the most handsome one is, and the like, and answered based on their own opinion.

One question fans were most curious about was when they were asked who the biggest flirt of the group is!

All members who participated raised a different answer, mostly answering with Hoshi and Woozi. Hoshi won by just one vote, and was really happy and proud of himself for getting the most votes!

Mingyu congratulated him, and Seungkwan asked him to flirt at the camera, so he popped a quick heart with his hand!

Seungkwan was curious why Jun voted for Hoshi and Jun said that he voted for him because he looks really cool when performing on stage! Woozi added and complimented Hoshi saying that he is really talented, while Mingyu made sure to tell everyone that his hyung is a cool tiger indeed! VERNON added that Hoshi is good at being friendly to new people!

Hoshi looks like he deserves the title as he always makes sure to show fans his love and appreciation for them!

Watch the full video here: