SEVENTEEN Reveals Their Methods To Loving Themselves

They all have different methods to self-love.

SEVENTEEN‘s THE8, Mingyu, Jeonghan, and Wonwoo recently participated in a fun Q&A interview with Cosmopolitan Korea where they answered several intriguing questions!

One of the interesting questions the four members were asked “How each of you love yourself?”

The members each had their own unique methods of loving themselves. For one, Mingyu shared that his method of loving himself is to love himself “madly.”

Unlike Mingyu, Jeonghan replied that he loves himself more “Naturally.”

For THE8, Mingyu shared what he felt was THE8’s method of loving himself. Mingyu commented that he felt THE8 loved himself “Unusually.” THE8 himself did not know the term “유난히” meaning. THE8 asked, “What does that word mean?” to which the members defined it to mean “Special” or “Unusually.” 

It was an adorable moment where THE8, “learned something new” and struggled several times to pronounce it correctly. It was too cute!

Last but not least, Wonwoo answered the question and shared, “I love gently.”

To review, Mingyu summed up everyone’s answers: “For me madly, gently (Wonwoo), naturally (Jeonghan), and unusually (THE8).

Check out the video below: