SEVENTEEN Reveals How Seungkwan Takes Care Of Pledis Entertainment’s Trainees

They also exposed one of his bad habits.

In the second part of SEVENTEEN‘s Insomnia-Zero, the group focused on sharing a few never-heard-before stories about Seungkwan while he was pretending to be sound asleep. It led to the reveal of how caring he is toward the trainees in their own company, Pledis Entertainment.

It all started with Mingyu, who’d remembered a speech Seungkwan had given as a senior in high school. Since the group had just debuted, he was asked to share a few words with the freshman.

Mingyu wondered what Seungkwan could possibly say since they didn’t have much experience at the time. He’d completely surprised Mingyu: “Seungkwan had gone in there, and he was giving a lecture.”

Upon hearing the memory, none of the other members were surprised Seungkwan had acted that way. Wonwoo had a big smile on his face while the rest agreed, “Seungkwan likes that sort of thing.” This prompted Hoshi to remember a similar situation between Seungkwan and the trainees of their company.

Hoshi revealed what he’d spotted Seungkwan doing, “Even earlier, Seungkwan went to the Pledis male trainees’ room.” Before he could finish the sentence, he was already laughing at how predictable Seungkwan was. He didn’t even have to finish it; Dino knew precisely where he was going.

He finished the memory by saying, “He was buying snacks and giving them advice,” showing just how caring Seungkwan can be toward the male trainees. Woozi jumped in, asking, “Really?”

Although Seungkwan means well and takes care of the trainees, SEVENTEEN were quick to point out why he should hold back on his habit of giving speeches.

Hoshi emphasized how long-winded they can be, “He talked a whole bunch.” In a hilariously stern voice, Woozi stated, “We told him so many times not to do that.”

Although Seungkwan has a lot to say when it comes to speeches, his heart is in the right place. Some, if not all, of his advice will be useful to those trainees. Listen to his members reveal how caring and talkative he can be with them here.