SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Proves He’s The Best Boy By Paying For A Carat’s Friend’s Meal

If only we were so lucky!

We’ve often heard of the SEVENTEEN boys being absolute angels to fans. It’s not uncommon for them to pay for fans’ meals in restaurants if they bump into them coincidentally. This time, leader S.Coups impressed with his warm gesture.

S.Coups was already making rounds on Twitter for this famous clip where a fan asked him for a birthday present during a fansign. He coolly asked her for her bank account number instead!

While we still don’t know if the fan really did tell him her account number or if he sent money over in the end, what we do know is that in November 2021, a Carat’s close friend ran into the boys in a restaurant and something amazing happened.

The friend went drinking around dawn and in the establishment happened to be a few of the SEVENTEEN members and their manager. The friend ended up leaving after SEVENTEEN had left and the friend asked the restaurant owner if it truly was SEVENTEEN. The restaurant owner confirmed it and even let her know that her meal had already been paid for by S.Coups! Although the friend was not a Carat herself, as she was talking with her friend about SEVENTEEN and the concert, possibly on the phone, perhaps they assumed that she too was a Carat.

| @carat_likeair/Twitter

This is a hot and fresh news. My close friend went to drink at dawn yesterday and S.Coups was there. They had the concert today!! She said that possibly they came after and that it seemed like their manager, S.Coups and Jeonghan were together.. As we were talking about this and that, S.Coups and Jeonghan left first and my friend left after finishing her food and because I’m a Carat, she asked the restaurant owner if it was really them. The owner said yes and that S.Coups had paid for my friend as well… Perhaps it was because she was stealing glances at them while talking about the concert.. That they thought she was a Carat… What a cool guy… I’ve managed to prove the talks that as long as he has money with him, he would give Carats money. As for me, I’ve just reached Busan from Seoul. I really have no luck as a fan LOL. Anyway, I’ve sworn again to be a Carat for life. Everyone, please fall for S.Coups once!

— @carat_likeair

SEVENTEEN just wrapped up the first day of their online concert, POWER OF LOVE, on November 14, 2021. For those that fell for S.Coups through this story, there’s still one more concert date on November 21, 2021!