Carats Think SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Looks Like A Fluffy Animal After Dyeing His Hair

He looks exactly like the adorable creature.

SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups has had a multitude of hair colors. He most frequently went with a calm brown…

…and once even went blond! When his hair was black, fans often compared him to a cute puppy. As a blond, he reminded one of an ethereal vampire or fairy!

It seems that fans are now in shock with his newly debuted two-tone hair color. His hair has grown long to his shoulders and he now sports side bangs. Most surprisingly, the underside of his hair was dyed an ashy silver.

He looked very fashionable with the new hair. To show off the bleached underside, S.Coups tied half his hair back.

Fans were suddenly reminded of this adorable animal — a lop-eared bunny! Not just any bunny, but one with grey tortoiseshell markings. The floppy grey hair looked a hundred percent like S.Coup’s new hairdo!

With his wide, innocent eyes and small lips, fans compared him to the rabbit.

He really does look like one — even netizens agree! They still couldn’t help but joke about his stage name though.

| theqoo

  • “Mr. Cousco-Cousco looks like a rabbit.”
  • “He’s a bunny.”=,,”
  • “Coups-Coups suits it well.”
  • “Ah he really is handsome like a bunny.”
  • “Cute LOL”

With SEVENTEEN’s comeback with Face The Sun just around the corner, it is no wonder he dyed his hair! Idols’ new hair is often a signal for a comeback soon. Fans will get to see more of him when the comeback drops May 27, 2022.

Source: theqoo