SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Knows Jun So Well That He Predicts What He’ll Do Before He Does It

That’s true friendship right there.

SEVENTEEN were given a different test to see how well their MBTI personality types fit them in the face of fear, with Jeonghan making a funny mishap.


Having experienced the test first and watched a few of the members’ reactions, S.Coups had an idea of what Jun would do.

The first thing Jun would do after entering the room would be shaking the mannequins’ hands as he greeted them, according to S.Coups. To see how Jun would react, he watched from nearby with Jeonghan and Joshua.

As soon as Jun entered the room, he put both of his hands up to the nearest mannequin’s face. He then asked what it was and why it looked so scary.

When he asked if the mannequin wasn’t instead a real person, S.Coupreally knew his prediction had been correct. Jun couldn’t help himself from greeting the mannequins and noticing that something was suspicious.

Despite leading a large team, leader S.Coups knows each of them well. Watch his prediction about Jun come true here.