S.Coups Just Proved He Is The Biggest SEVENTEEN Fan Ever

He is SEVENTEEN’s number one fan!

S.Coups may be a leader, rapper, and member of SEVENTEEN, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t also SEVENTEEN’s biggest fan — because he totally is!


From the very beginning, S.Coups has proven he’s a huge fan of his own group. He’s always fanboying over his members…




And even managed to get tickets to his own fan sign event back in January! But S.Coups has once again proven that he’s a huge fan of his members and in the sweetest way possible!


A few weeks ago, S.Coups opened up his very own Instagram page. His page already has a number of posts for Carats to fall in love with!


Among those, was one showing just how excited he was to meet SEVENTEEN at the G+ Star Zone, a cultural space inside Apgujeong Rodeo Station that revolves around all things Hallyu!

It was nice to meet SEVENTEEN.

— S.Coups


In the photos, S.Coups proudly poses beside huge photos of his favorite group and his caption proved he really is a cute fanboy!


His fellow fans thought his fanboying was absolutely adorable and left him lots of messages acknowledging his number one fan status!


Leader, rapper, and SEVENTEEN’s biggest fan! He really is the cutest!