SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Has Abs, And No One Was Ready

He’s been hiding them all along.

Of the SEVENTEEN members that fans want to put in their pockets from being so lovable, Seungkwan is one of them. At least, until they found out what he’s been keeping under wraps.

Since Seungkwan usually makes everyone and his members crack up from his hilarious antics, the sexy side that fans caught a glimpse of was too much to handle.

In an INSIDE SEVENTEEN clip, the group played a game of soccer where Seungkwan was the goalie. When he reached up to block Mingyu‘s head-butting of the ball, his jersey lifted just enough to flash his stomach.

Because Seungkwan often wears loose-fitting clothes, it was surprising to see that Seunkwan had been hiding abs and a slim figure all along.


The quick glimpse had fans preparing for the day that SEVENTEEN’s stylists put him in much more fitted clothing.

If they weren’t ready for this look at Seungkwan’s abs, no one would be ready for when he goes all out.

Check out the view of Seungkwan’s abs that had fans going wild.