Bang Si Hyuk’s Personality Wasn’t What SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Expected

They had a meeting where Seungkwan saw how Bang Si Hyuk truly is.

After merging with HYBE, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan had a meeting with founder Bang Si Hyuk and was pleasantly surprised by the chairman’s true personality.

Seungkwan | @pledis_17/Twitter

In episode 12 of No Prepare, Seungkwan opened up about wanting to meet Bang Si Hyuk and asking Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo if there was “any chance to see the chairman.” That was all it took to make the meeting possible.

When SEVENTEEN finally met with Bang Si Hyuk, the founder announced the purpose of the meeting, “‘I heard that one of the members said that, and that’s why we have this meeting today.’” His next words were the ones that took Seungkwan by surprise.

Bang Si Hyuk explained how careful he was about overstepping boundaries, especially for groups not directly under BIGHIT Music. Seungkwan repeated his words, “‘I think it’s really not polite to call you guys out and say, “Hello.” I have no right to do that to SEVENTEEN.’

Even rapper and host Lee Young Ji said, “What a gentleman.” Seungkwan agreed, “I know, right? He made my heart flutter a little.

While some might expect the founder of such a successful company to be focused only on himself, Seungkwan was touched by how caring and respectful Bang Si Hyuk really is.

Bang Si Hyuk and BTS’s Jin. | Weverse

Check out Seungkwan and Lee Young Ji loving how much of a gentleman Bang Si Hyuk is.