SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s Anti-Bloating Technique Had “I-LAND” Trainees Giving It A Try

If “Seungkwan sunbaenim” created it, they couldn’t resist doing it.

When it comes to helpful tips for all sorts of situations, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is always prepared with a method to solve it. Since everyone can relate to swelling and bloating, he introduced his technique of reducing those symptoms.

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Funnily enough, trainee Geonu from the survival show I-LAND was recently seen giving it a try and roping other trainees into doing the technique as well.

While they had some free time, Geonu decided to use his time wisely. With his arms folded, he dropped into a squat position and kept flexing his legs. Since it looked odd, one of the two other trainees asked, “What are you doing?

Unbothered by the question and completely focused, Geonu calmly responded that it was merely an exercise, “It helps reduce bloating.” Still, they weren’t too convinced, “Why are you doing it so weirdly?” He soon changed their minds, though.

Feeling embarrassed from all the attention they were giving him, he took a break and revealed the creator of the exercise. As soon as they heard Seungkwan’s name, it had the stamp of approval they needed, “This… Boo Seungkwan sunbaenim does this.

He elaborated on the tips, “Massaging your ears and this. And twenty squats. But you can’t move your upper body. Just move your feet like this! Only your feet!” Both of them then followed Geonu’s instructions, dropping into a squat and moving their legs.

The moment wasn’t only humorous to the trainees. Carats were just as amused to see Seungkwan’s techniques making their way to the I-LAND show.

It looks like Seungkwan is helping more people than he thought with his clever methods.

See Geonu convince the other trainees to give the technique a try. You may even want to test it out yourself.