SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Brings His Dog To Work, Carats Look Up “How To Become A Dog”

Google, how do I become a maltese?

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan has a pet dog, named Bookkeu, which he brought to work with him on September 28, 2019. Bookkeu’s interaction with each SEVENTEEN member had Carats drop all their UWUs.


At the “mini fan meeting” held at SEVENTEEN’s visit to Show! Music Core, Seungkwan’s dog Bookkeu made a surprise appearance and charmed everyone present.


SEVENTEEN members each tried holding, petting, and walking Bookkeu like it’s their team dog — which at this point, he is.


Bookkeu the Maltese seemed satisfied getting all the attention in the world from his SEVENTEEN hyungs and Carats. That’s one happy looking dog!


And as SEVENTEEN boasted their chemistry with Bookkeu…


… Carats couldn’t help but realize Bookkeu is one lucky dog…


… because only Bookkeu can get Mingyu on his knees begging for a kiss…


… and see Jeonghan this up close and personal!


Since these Bookkeu-SEVENTEEN pictures and videos have gone viral on social media, Carats are playfully commenting that they’re actively looking up ways to become Bookkeu…

I want to be Bookkeu.

— Twitter User @cooing__17

… so they too can get that SEVENTEEN-lovin’.

Why am I not Bookkeu…?

— Twitter User @S2_95J


Watch Bookkeu’s MVP-kind-of-life here: