SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Had To Deflate Hoshi’s Ego At Their First US Concert Stop

Hoshi tried turning Ode To You into Ode To Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN recently kicked off the United States leg of their world tour Ode To You in Newark, New Jersey.


Of course, it wouldn’t be off to a good start without Hoshi being Hoshi and Seungkwan reining him back in.

When Hoshi introduced himself, he pulled out all the stops. Rather than simply standing beside his members, he walked out and down the main walkway, claiming the spotlight. With his hands beside his face, he curled them like paws, saying, “Call me tiger.” Hoshi was doing so much that Seungkwan had to step in.

As Hoshi walked back to join them, Seungkwan was waiting right there for him. To make sure he was heard loud and clear, he held his microphone to his mouth as he shouted, “It’s not your solo concert. It’s SEVENTEEN’s concert.” Hoshi took the playful jab like a champ.

When he reached Seungkwan, he grabbed his hands and apologized, “A-yo, Seungkwan. I’m sorry.” After a little playful scuffle, they were back on track, with Seungkwan raising a fist in encouragement for them both. They then parted ways to stand in their designated spots.

Hoshi can be extremely playful and energetic when he’s in the right mood. When that happens, he becomes so uncontrollable that someone needs to rein him in. Fortunately, Seungkwan did it in the funniest way for everyone to witness.


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