SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Got Super Emotional While Reacting To Their “HIT” MV

It was overwhelming for him to watch.

On SEVENTEEN‘s official YouTube channel, a video of all the SEVENTEEN members reacting to their very own “HIT” music video was shared. In this otherwise fun and laughter-filled reaction clip, Seungkwan actually had an emotional moment. And the teary-eyed Boo had all the Carats crying too.


Throughout the entire time the music video played, SEVENTEEN members could only let out “Wow”s and “Whoa”s at their very own amazingness.

I know we came here today to react to the music video… but I honestly can’t think of anything to say except whoa.

— Mingyu


And that is because the music video is truly wowza and whoa! SEVENTEEN members remarked that they will “never get tired of watching the music video over and over again!”

This is such a successful music video.

— The8


At the end of the music video, however, Seungkwan, who was unable to have a big part of the music video – along with the track’s promotion and the group’s concert appearances – due to his ankle injury, got very emotional over the group’s diligent work paying off and cried softly.


Seungkwan tried to clap it off…


… but when the members decided to give themselves a round of applause for the success on this album and the music video, he broke down. And as soon as the other members noticed, they immediately understood where Seungkwan’s tears are coming from!

Oh no! It’s because Seungkwan wasn’t able to take full part in the music video.



Dino explained, “After watching us shoot, Seungkwan said he really wants to see the thirteen of us to stay together as long as possible.” SEVENTEEN members agreed that for Seungkwan to be on the other side of the camera watching the members at work, it must have been a new sensation and a quite overwhelming one at that.

Yeah, it must have given him a lot of time to think about all of us… and that must all be coming back to him now.

— DK


DK suggested they hug it out – to cheer up Seungkwan and to assure him that the thirteen of them will most definitely be together as long as time lets them. When the group held each other in their arms…


… it was a full-on ugly-crying party for Carats who love these diamonds to the moon and back!


Watch the full clip here: