SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Hops Off Stage To Give Carats A Once In A Lifetime Moment

The jealousy is real.

SEVENTEEN are currently on the US leg of their BE THE SUN world tour and so far the shows have been filled with fun and memorable moments. From start to finish, fans are on their feet enjoying the group’s performances and SEVENTEEN took steps to make sure that all fans could be included during the shows!

SEVENTEEN backstage at their concert in Seattle for their BE THE SUN world tour. | @pledis_17/Twitter

One thing that SEVENTEEN are known for their endless “Aju Nice” at the end of every concert, with the loops lasting for what seems like hours at a time. SEVENTEEN themselves have even gotten caught off guard by a sudden “Aju Nice” causing them to have to scramble to run back on stage.

Despite the song being the same over and over, SEVENTEEN are sure to make the experience different each time. Seungkwan seems to particularly love the song and is hilariously energetic no matter how long they perform the song. As the “Aju Nice Police”, Seungkwan is known to call out fans who aren’t dancing (even when he is lying down himself!).

During the endless “Aju Nice” at the group’s concert in Seattle, Seungkwan came down off the stage and approached a fan to ask their name. Seungkwan then put them on the spot and began singing the final part of the bridge of the song before holding the mic out for the fan to finish singing the iconic high note!


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As it turns out, Seungkwan approached another fan and had them do the same! Each time the fan nailed it much to Seungkwan and the rest of the group’s excitement. One of the lucky fans even described it as their singing debut.

Seungkwan also had a Carat fan sing this line during their Seoul concerts, so fans are wondering if there will be a guest vocalist for “Aju Nice” at each show of the tour and have begun preparing accordingly for their chance to be noticed.

Will YOU be the next “Aju Nice” vocalist?