SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Loves Food, As Proven By This Boo-Log Of Him Eating Everything He Found

Nom nom nom.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan took his fans on a virtual day as a K-Pop star through his vlog-type video that was uploaded to the official SEVENTEEN YouTube channel. In this short 10-minute video, Seungkwan is constantly spotted munching on things – and it’s making Carats realize Seungkwan is a big foodie at heart!


First, Seungkwan drank a bottle of what seems to be some sort of a green shake. He eagerly shook up the liquid and then proceeded to chug the entire thing! The video started off to look like quite a healthy morning!


Building on that self-care routine, Seungkwan also finds a pack of probiotics in his pocket and chugs that with some water too. After an entire bottle of shake and some probiotics to support his system, fans believed Seungkwan’s breakfast to be over…


… until Seungkwan fished out a single packaged rice cake from his bag. He opened the packaging and took a bite, only to realize something isn’t quite right. He started sniffing the rice cake  and noticed that it had gone bad. Disappointed, Seungkwan disposed what was left of the rice cake…


… only to move on to his next round of snacking. He dug out a hard-boiled egg from his magical bag of endless munchies. Seungkwan carefully removed the shell and happily took a big bite out of the egg!


For dessert, Seungkwan briefly thought about the grain bar that he had – again, in his bag – but decided not to open that one. Carats thought the egg might have been the last of the eating content – but they were so very wrong.


During the shoot for Prison Life of Fools, Seungkwan had a chance to grab some real food. He started off with sipping some coffee while he was on a short break on set…


… then launched a full-on sit-down mukbang content when he indulged himself with the packed lunch! Check out how focused on eating Seungkwan looked, chomping away at the lunch pack.


Seungkwan finished his packed lunch – but he wasn’t finished with his meal. He moved on to the bowl of soup that he had sitting on the side. Seungkwan stuffed his face with the bean sprouts that were in the soup. Carats found it hilarious that even as he was destroying his bowl of soup – he was reading the menu to find out what other yummies are out there!

Man, I want some macarons. They sound good right now. I used to not like them because they’re too sweet, but now I love them.

— Seungkwan


Half way through the soup, Seungkwan became satisfied. It took a shake, a pack of probiotics, a third of a rice cake gone bad, a whole egg, a cup of coffee, an entire packed lunch, and a half bowl of beef soup to conquer Seungkwan’s appetite. Carats were happy though, to see that Seungkwan was taking good care of himself by keeping his belly full!


Watch the full clip below: